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The Research Animal Retirement Foundation was created to provide the necessary financial resources for NHP retirement initiatives, as well as advocacy for a paradigm shift in perspectives on end-of-career options for these animals among the research community at large.  


In addition to providing direct financial support, our efforts will also be focused on outreach to the science community as well as the general public, promoting positive attitudes toward research that upholds the ethical responsibility to provide animals with a life outside the lab.




In August (2015) RARF received $14,805 from the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics at Arizona State University.   


"The mission of the Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics (LCAE) is to develop applied ethics knowledge and disseminate resources to enhance ethical understanding, discourse, decision-making, and behavior."


We believe that by reducing the financial burden of primate retirement, primate laboratories will welcome the idea of retiring these valuable animals to sanctuaries to live out their lives, rather than utilizing euthanasia as a default endpoint. 

Board of Directors


Rachele McAndrew 

Dr. Stephen Helms Tillery

Dr. Jason Robert

Dr. Justin Tanner

Kristina Carter











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